Tips on approaching a Meditation session

  • Approach the session calmly
  • Sit Comfortably – whether on a chair, the floor or kneeling, rolling back will bring you onto the tail bone, forward will bring you onto the pubic bone, find the middle point of the sitting bones
  • Keep the spine upright
  • Keep warm with a shawl or blanket
  • Dim light
  • Eyes closed
  • During the practice use the breath to focus the mind. If thoughts are constant take just a few deeper breaths, feeling sleepy or unable to focus try holding the breath for just a few moments.
  • Be patient and persistent, calmly bring the mind back to the practice when it wanders off, patiently.
  • Use the same place to meditate each time
    NB – every time you bring the mind into focus on the practice, away from thinking is a very powerful moment – you have cut through the constant habitual rolling of the mind

We meet live on Zoom each Monday for 30 miutes at 07.00 contact for Zoom link 

Metta Bhavana

Metta = compassionate love

Bhavana = cultivation or development

This practice is the cultivation and sharing of our merits.

It would be done at the end of a meditation session and before retiring at night for about 5 minutes.
Your mental frame would ideally be positive, otherwise leave off it until you feel more inclined.

The premise is an intention toward yourself, another, and all people, all
beings; human and non-human, living and non-living, all beings.

Mentally repeating any example of these or other phrases

May I be
May you be
May all beings be

Full of goodwill

Free from:
Ill will…

May I be peaceful
May you be peaceful
May all beings be peaceful
May I be free from ill will and animosity
May you be free from ill will and animosity
May all beings be free from ill will and animosity

Be Happy!

There are many organisations, sects and groups which offer meditation practices. Currently i practice Vipassana as taught by S N Goenka. This is a worldwide organisation.  Courses are offered in England at Dhamma Dipa and Sukhakari in Hereford and Suffolk respectively. The HQ is in India, along with the Global Pagoda. Alternatively look on for centres worldwide. There is no charge for the courses.

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