My initial Yoga study involved a  Sivananda Teacher Training (200 hrs), which was a four week residential programme held on the north coast of Poland near Gdansk. The whole period was a total immersion into Yogic lifestyle with very limited contact with the outside world.

It was intense and hard work, and provided a good grounding of the discipline.

Embarking on the Karuna Yoga training  by Ruth White (500 hrs) added a deeper reflection toward the physical postures. This method often uses props to help attain a greater range within each posture. It lends itself to a broader audience than some of the faster flow practices around these days.

It is  Yoga for everyone.

During my study of Remedial Massage at the London College of Massage, we learned the process of unpacking tension from the body, in stages, dismantling  tension, stiffness and pain. This has informed the way i teach yoga, unpacking the postures piece by piece to see what is being asked of the body within each posture, then reconstructing into the whole posture.

We’ve found it to be a great process for understanding in both the physical and mind fields.  

I teach Anapana, observation of the natural breath, which is a starting point for the deeper meditation of Vipassana.

I attend 10 days silent meditation courses each year with Vipassana as taught by S N Goenka.                          

Vipassana is a Pali word meaning, to see things as they really are. This form of Meditation can erase habitual patterns, dissolve pain and erradicate old issues.

I run annual Yoga  retreats, holidays in India and Hungary. And a range of workshops throughout the year.

I have studied and offered Massage and Reflexology treatments since 1993 these qualifications include  

Therapeutic,  Remedial,  Sports,  Pregnancy,  Manual Lymph Drainage and Baby Massage, Advanced Practitioner Diploma.     Reflexology (west and eastern styles) and Hopi Ear Candles                                                                             

The physical therapies have really helped inform my understanding of Yoga practice, and in addition i can offer a stretch for you to practice and use after having massage.

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