Workshops take place on the first Saturday of each month


February Yoga Workshop
Saturday 6th
09.30-12.30Opening up the Chest

This workshop focus is on the lungs’ health 

We’ll create space in the chest, open up the Thoracic Spine and the muscles between the ribs, the intercostals.
Also we will spread the upper back and chest, create space for the lung tissue to stretch and expand. 
Plenty of spinal limbering, back arching and heavy breathing!


This workshop will be aimed at lifting the spirits and help keep the lung tissue healthy and clear. 

Live on Zoom 





Yoga Workshop

Live on Zoom
Saturday 9th January 09.30 – 12.30
General Class which will include a Proper Breathing and Meditation section.

Saturday 5th December

For women only.

A session of Yoga Asana and self-massage
This workshop will take the form of practicing Asana’s and doing self-massage in turn.
The massage will be done over the clothes.  

We will start with abdominal massage geared to releasing tension from the breathing diaphragm to the pelvic floor/diaphragm and progress around the body 
We shall proceed to Pranayama (proper breathing) and Dhyana (Meditation)  



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