Yoga Workshop on Zoom
Sunday August 21st



Asana class followed by a Yoga Nidra
This will be a mellow slow session working with longer holds, and less effort, or as much as you need on the day – using belts and props to sustain the work.

A Yoga Nidra after to settle and rest deeply

A lovely way to end a week and begin anew.

With your mat you will need a yoga belt, blocks, bricks, blanket/shawl and cushion/pillow.  Quiet space in which to settle for Yoga Nidra
Easy like Sunday morning!

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Sunday April 24th 10.00-12.00

Live on Zoom
2 hours of Asana and Savasana
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Yoga Workshop
Saturday April 3rd

Anjaneya Anjaneya Anjaneya Hanuman!
An Asana practice of 2 hours, followed by an hour of proper breathing and rest

Let’s work toward Anjaneyasana (or Hanumanasana) commonly called “the splits”
Opening the lower back and hips, back of the legs/hamstrings, abdominals and shoulders! We will have a slow build up and opening of the back and legs before settling into the full posture.

Faith, devotion, agility, courage and speed are a few of the qualities of Hanuman/Anjaneya the monkey god.
He is half human and combines exceptional compassion with great strength
Let us try our hand at limbering the body in readiness for Hanumanasana! 

Apart from our usual mat belt and blocks we will need some extra padding, a bolster or rolled up towels or firm cushions that can stack and/or support the towels. 


Spring Yoga Workshop
Saturday 6th March

The forces of change can be felt strongly at this time of year
We can use Yoga to help the natural process of detox to help us feel easier in mind and body.
The liver is the largest internal organ and second largest to the skin.
Skin and liver work in tandem; they are both organs of elimination 
Help one help both.

Erroneously the liver is thought to be connected to alcohol consumption alone! 
It has many roles which includes making safe any ingested intoxicant, and is the only organ which can regenerate itself.

A few of its many functions are; filtering blood, rich with nutrients coming directly from the digestive tract; making bile to emulsify dietary fats, storage of sugars needed for energy, blood clotting, builds proteins for body repairs, absorption of fat soluble vitamins A D E K, activation of enzymes, regulation of hormones and destruction of old red blood cells. 

In Kerala (at least) they call their sweethearts “my liver” 
A quality inspired by the liver is kindness.

A few helpers….Turmeric, Milk Thistle (complex), Dandelion, Peppermint tea, green clothes and food, twists, back bends, skin brushing and Castor oil packing.  



February Yoga Workshop
Saturday 6th
Opening up the Chest

This workshop focus is on the lungs’ health 

We’ll create space in the chest, open up the Thoracic Spine and the muscles between the ribs, the intercostals.
Also we will spread the upper back and chest, create space for the lung tissue to stretch and expand. 
Plenty of spinal limbering, back arching and heavy breathing!

This workshop will be aimed at lifting the spirits and help keep the lung tissue healthy and clear. 

Live on Zoom 


Yoga Workshop

Live on Zoom
Saturday 9th January 09.30 – 12.30
General Class which will include Proper Breathing 


Saturday 5th December

For women only.

A session of Yoga Asana and self-massage
This workshop will take the form of practicing Asana’s and doing self-massage in turn.
The massage will be done over the clothes.  

We will start with abdominal massage geared to releasing tension from the breathing diaphragm to the pelvic floor/diaphragm and progress around the body 
We shall proceed to Pranayama (proper breathing) 



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