Treatment clinic is in London

Treatments for 30  45  60 minutes
These physical therapies are fabulous to help bring about some change.  
There is a lot of benefit to be had from compelemtary therapies,  whether physical or mental tension,
 helping the body detox,  the feel-good factor,  for issues of deep tension or emotional  agitations or unrest.
If you have never tried a physical therapy,  Reflexology is a brilliant form to start with,  
its application to the feet gives you an opportunity to get to know your practitioner.
Prices start at £35


  • Therapeutic –  stress buster – a blend of relaxing and kneading moves to help ease out tension

  • Remedial – attention to a specific matter i.e frozen shoulder, joint or muscle pain

  • Pregnancy – after 16 weeks, precedence on relaxation and positive touch, complementary to the term




  • PREGNANCY  – in preparation for, then after 16 weeks 

  • Improve energy and overall wellbeing

Reflexology is a safe and effective therapeutic technique applied to the feet. It can be deeply relaxing as well as improving one’s energy and generate a sense of improved wellbeing.

Reflexology can be offered in the comfort of your own home or in my home clinic. 
Visiting fee applies

Hopi Ear Candle

  •  Ears and respiratory related – a brilliant treatment for relaxing

Ear Candling effects a sense of rest and wellbeing

It can be used to clear the head from congestion as well as bringing relief from coughs and colds

For itchy or woolly ears and may relieve symptoms of tinnitus 


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