Saturday April 3rd 09.30-12.39

Yoga Workshop
Saturday April 3rd

Anjaneya Anjaneya Anjaneya Hanuman!
An Asana practice of 2 hours, followed by an hour of proper breathing and rest

Let’s work toward Anjaneyasana (or Hanumanasana)
Opening the lower back and hips, back of the legs/hamstrings, abdominals and shoulders! We will have a slow build up and opening of the back and legs before settling into the full posture.

Faith, devotion, agility, courage and speed are a few of the qualities of Hanuman/Anjaneya the monkey god.
He is half human and combines exceptional compassion with great strength
Let us try our hand at limbering the body in readiness for Hanumanasana!

Apart from our usual mat belt and blocks we will need some extra padding, a bolster or rolled up towels or firm cushions that can stack and/or support the towels. 

1st Saturday of the month Workshop November 7th

09.30-12.30 on Zoom 

Autumns Assistant Asanas and Pranayamas
Autumn is the element of Vata in Ayurveda

Unpredictable, cool, windy, dry 
To help balance this element we need to feel grounded, warm and balanced!!

In this workshop we will be using Asana’s/postures and Pranayama to give us just what we need right now.


Yoga Workshop
Saturday October 3rd 9.30-12.30
Live on Zoom
Spine Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limbs part 2.

 During this practice we will use the Asanas to limber up spinal movements as the basis to move into more specifics of the Pelvic girdle,      the bones, joints, connective tissues and muscles associated with the pelvis.

 We will do some seated postures in addition to some of the standings we used previously to release and tone the Pelvic floor and associated structures.

In this session we will recap and refresh our memories of some of the principles needed to heal the pelvic floor.  We will work on strengthening some of the Pelvic structures and the legs, release tension throughout, use analogy to help us work deeply within the body.

A section for proper breathing will follow the Asana practice.

Yoga Workshop
Saturday 12th September 9.30-12.30
Live on Zoom
Spine Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limbs 

                                                                  During this practice we will use the Asanas to limber up and open spinal movements 

Focus on the movements and forces of the pelvic girdle, and how that affects posture; stabilise the sacro-iliac region, increase hip mobility and strengthen the legs.

And if that’s not enough! a session of proper breathing 

There is a lot of power in the lower half of the body;  this session will help the flow from the spinal cord down the legs and into the feet, this relay system is essential for our physical and mental balance, keeping us strong, active, determined and able to fulfil our needs. 


A workshop on a Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

Saturday 1st August 9.30-12.30 

A 3 hour work/playshop which will include sections on proper breathing, and relaxation

  a focus on the moves within the flow – postures and stretches to ready the whole body for this simple yet powerful flow – looking at the sun!

Getting ready to flow into Surya Namaskar 


 What a session, the participants excelled themselves, a real corker, cheers everybody!

A Workshop for the Spine and Shoulder Girdle

Saturday 4th July 2020

9.30 – 12.30 on Zoom

Opening the spine and shoulder girdle which includes shoulder blades, collar bones, neck, arms and hands

Using all the spinal movements of – 

flexion and extension, lateral flexion and extension, and rotation

(forward and backward bending, side stretching and twists)

This session will ease tension form the upper back and shoulder region and ease out stiffness from the arms wrists and fingers

After the Asana section we will take time for proper breathing 

You will need



Back arch/brick/rolled towel


Spring Yoga Workshop

The Asanas and opening-up stretches will help prime us for the shift of energy that happens naturally in Spring

Conscious breathing of Pranayama awakens and soothes the central nervous system and all levels of the mind

A true mind body connection workshop

There are 2 constructions within the body that act as springs -the spine and the feet

So deeply connected in essence and use, pain in either area affects the other directly and the body as a whole

Painful feet reveals throughout the body when moving and the mental wellbeing can get drawn down.  And with a ‘bad back’ you may well be compensating movements within activities, pastimes, at work and even when at rest and disturbed sleep. 

We’re going to work deeply into these structures, taking our time to open up the joints of each structure.

Have a bit of fun too!


A day in Yoga

Saturday 12th October 9.30 – 14.30

 Start the day with the postures, and have a warm cuppa.

Then let’s breathe, sound, chant and meditate.

Yoga Nidra to finish you off!

Stay for a hot savoury buffet and tea and cake.

Suggested programme:

9.30-11.30 Asanas

11.30-12 Tea 

12.00-13.00 Breathe, sounding, chanting and meditate

13.00-13.30 Yoga Nidra


Afternoon Tea after Yoga at Woodstock Youth Hall

Saturday 25th August 2018

10.00 – 14.00

Janice Hellens 

 Appetiser: A session of Yoga postures

Entree: Proper Breathing and Meditation

Afters: Home baked cakes and treats tea/coffee

Linda’s noted baking and Yoga with Janice


A day in Yoga and Wellbeing With Janice and Isabell

Tuesday 24th April 2017

Janice and Isabell aim to give you a day that leaves you feeling enthusiastic about your health and wellbeing. 

We will couple the benefits of physical Yoga Asanas with informative insights on environment, nutrition, hydration, supplements and how they help create the right environment within the body for vitality. You will leave armed with sound info and useful practices that you can carry into your life.

Spring season brings many delights, when we glimpse the first signs of change and movement. It may be a time when we feel more energy and enthusiasm with the coming light. 

Isabell Jehring is a homeopath and has worked in a well-known local health store for 20 years, where she has assisted people with all kinds of health queries. 

She is passionate about the body-mind connection, and aspires to share her insights with us.

Janice Hellens teaches Yoga, and has been practising Massage and Reflexology since 1994.

She takes Yoga retreats in India, Hungary and the UK; offers regular Yoga classes and has run workshops in Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology, Massage and wellbeing. 

What’s on: Yoga Asana Proper Breathing Meditation technique  –  Discourse – Vegetarian Lunch 

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